Australian Belt Cleaning provides a range of services to guarantee the successful use and optimisation of our products.

Technical & installation support

All of our products are supplied with clear and comprehensive installation instructions, quality control checks, drawings on requirement and are backed up with our continuous technical support. We provide an installation service which includes: application assessment, installation supervision and commissioning, at a fixed quoted price. Additionally, we provide free training on product maintenance and replacement.

Australian Belt Cleaning also works very closely with our German manufacturers and design team providing constant customer feedback and improvement strategies with the aim of continuously seeking conveyor belt cleaning improvements.

Free trial

Australian Belt Cleaning provides any new customer with a 6 weeks free trial period of any of our products. On obtaining the application details we can assess if our products will effectively work on your application and solve the issues at hand. In the case of not realising your expectations, products may be returned to us at no cost.

 3D modelling

We provide a free 3D modelling service visualising the end prior to your purchase. On the back of detailed application information provided by the customer, we send you a 3D STEP file model which can be incorporated any professional 3D modelling programs.

 Product supply & after sales service

Australian Belt Cleaning holds large amounts of stock in Sydney, Australia from where we support both Australia and New Zealand. Products are shipped out in robust wooden boxes, clearly documented and with a normal delivery service of 1-2 days (for standard stocked items).

All our products are uniquely marked and logged in our database ensuring easy and correct reordering. We also provide regular after-sales contact to ensure customer satisfaction.