SpeedScrape secondary – conveyor belt cleaner


SpeedScrape – secondary conveyor belt cleaner, was invented by Wilfried Dünnwald – ex engineering mining manager at Ruhr Kohle, German and is designed and manufactured by Scrape Tec Trading GmbH Kamp-Lintfort, Germany. This very unique secondary belt cleaner was introduced to the Australian market in 2015 at the Aimex in Sydney and has made its first entry into the iron ore market.


Australian Belt Cleaning Pty. Ltd. is the sole importer and distributor with the support of a range accredited partners to the Australasian markets (see partners).

Working principle

SpeedScrape – secondary conveyor belt cleaner significantly differs from the conventional belt cleaners as it uses multiple diagonal positioned blades sliding the carry-back off opposed to pushing it off.

A series of overlapping tungsten tip blades provide the scraping effect of the system and has a combined blade length of 3 times the belt width, making this a 3-in-1 system. The blades are held into position by a set of springs, all individually adjustable so ensure proper contact with (uneven) belt and are inserted into 3 rectangular RHS stainless steel bars which slide into two side plates. Two side plates hold the whole system together and are firmly fixed to the conveyor system and have the ability to slight rotate allowing for forward and reverse running belts.

The system can be placed right behind the belt discharge point cleaning the carry-back into return chute/tray or anywhere else along the return part of the conveyor belt.


Features and benefits

Features Benefits
  • Tungsten tips (223mm wide)
  • Hard wearing & long lasting
  • Adjusts easily to belt shape
  • Diagonal overlapping blades
  • Slides carry-back off opposed to pushing it off
  • Creates a 3-in-1 system
  • Lot less force required to clean belt
  • Handles mechanical fasteners & worn belts easily
  • Easy to replace blades
  • Longer wearing tips, belts and splices
  • Flexible mechanical spring system
  • Flexible mechanical spring system
  • Flexible, adjustable and continuous contact with belt
  • Flexible system gives way for belt crashes without damaging belt
  • Impact resistant
  • Chemical & corrosive resistant
  • No requirement for complex pneumatics & controls
  • Consistent and continuous tensioning
  • Light and easy to adjust & handle
  • Continuous system movement prevents carry-back build up on system
  • Superior, longer lasting and reliable cleaning
  • Less cleaning costs
  • Less belt, roller and bearing costs
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Less breakdown costs
  • Less belt cleaner costs
  • Less risk to injuries

Best true-life cost system!