CleanScrape primary – conveyor belt cleaner


CleanScrape primary – conveyor belt cleaner, was invented by Wilfried Dünnwald – ex engineering mining manager at Ruhr Kohle, German and is designed and manufactured by CleanScrape GmbH in Bishofsheim, Germany. The belt cleaner was first introduced to the general market in 2010 and has since established a significant growth in the industry worldwide. CleanScrape primary was given “the most innovative” award at the Bulk Handling Awards Sydney in 2013 in and has since been highly valued by major mining End-Users and other market players. award


Australian Belt Cleaning Pty. Ltd. is the sole importer and distributor, with the assistance of a range of accredited partners, of CleanScrape primary to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Worldwide, the products is distributed by CleanScrape GmbH (Germany), Kubicek (Austria) and Martin Engineering (Europe, South Africa, Russia and near and Middle East)

Working principle

CleanScrape primary – conveyor belt cleaner significantly differs from the competitor’s products as it operates on a 3D diagonal helix around the conveyor discharge pulley opposed to the conventional pole & horizontal configurations.

A series of overlapping tungsten tips provide the scraping effect of the cleaner and are interconnected by steel componentry and moulded into a flexible FRAS approved rubber blade. The blade is held in-place and tensioned through a set of stainless steel ropes running lengthwise through the blade and are attached to a mechanical spring tensioning system located on both sides of the conveyor chute/cheek plates. The mechanical spring tensioners provide a consistent and continuous force on the blade and due to the blade’s diagonal directional cleaning, only very little force is required to achieve an excellent cleaning effect.

Features and benefits

Features Benefits
  • Tungsten tips (50-35mm wide)
  • Hard wearing & long lasting
  • Forms easily to belt shape
  • Tips scrape at an 180 degrees against the belt minimising tip and belt wear
  • 3D Diagonal helix,set-up
  • Blade is always in touch with conveyor belt, independent of a convex or concave belt surface
  • No need for continuous blade adjustments
  • Very little force is required as it follows the diagonal running direction of the belt
  • Handles mechanical fasteners & worn belts easily
  • Unlike conventional cleaners does not push hard into belt eliminating excessive belt wear and chance of blades folding over/ poles bending
  • Flexible FRAS rubber moulded blade with supporting internal steel componentry
  • Flexible, compact and robust
  • Underground mining approved (Australia)
  • Impact and abrasive resistant and self-adjustable
  • Light easy to install/replace system with less risks of injuries
  • Chemical & corrosive resistant
  • Mechanical Spring tension system
  • No requirement for complex pneumatics & controls
  • Consistent and continuous tensioning
  • Easy to read-off gauge
  • Light and easy to adjust
  • Hard to damage
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Low tension system
  • Longer wearing tips, belts and splices
  • Superior, longer lasting and reliable cleaning
  • Less cleaning costs
  • Less belt, roller and bearing costs
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Less breakdown costs
  • Less belt cleaner costs
  • Less risk to injuries

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