AirScrape- contact free conveyor belt cleaner


AirScrape – contact free conveyor belt skirting, was invented by Wilfried Dünnwald – ex engineering mining manager at Ruhr Kohle, German and is designed and manufactured by Scrape Tec Trading GmbH Kamp-Lintfort, Germany. This very unique skirting system is in line with the similar concepts as CleanScrape and SpeedScrape products and was first introduced to the market in Germany in 2013. Australian Belt Cleaning officially launched the product in Australia at the Aimex in Sydney 2015 and achieved the first installs into the bulk handling industry in WA.


Australian Belt Cleaning Pty. Ltd. is the sole importer and distributor with the support of a range accredited partners to the Australasian markets (see partners).

Working principle

AirScrape – contact free conveyor belt skirting again significantly differs from the conventional conveyor belt skirting as it does not touch the conveyor belt while stopping material side spillage.

The AirScrape skirting system is fitted slightly above the belt on the outside of the hard skirts at transfer points and on other critical areas on the conveyor belt.

The system consist of a polyurethane casing with integral moulded diagonally Hardox or stainless steel blades which divert the inward airflow generated by the moving conveyor and product displacement back into the product flow and so preventing side spillage. Larger particles get deflected by the diagonal flutes while the inward suction disperses the dust particles back into the product flow area.


Features and benefits

Features Benefits
  • Conveyor belt contact free system
  • Minimises belt wear – no belt groves!
  • Minimises skirt wea
  • Incredibly longer lasting opposed to existing skirting
  • Uses free energy generated suction to prevent side spillage
  • Polyurethane casing
  • FRAS approved material for underground applications
  • Hard wearing & long lasting
  • Easily adjustable to belt run and belt troughs
  • Chemical & corrosive resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Diagonal Hardox / Stainless steel blades
  • Slides side spillage off opposed to physically holding it out
  • Handles mechanical fasteners & worn belts easily
  • Longer wearing belts and splices
  • Quick fit system
  • Uses either existing clamping system, welded lugs & bolt system or adaptor plates system for quick installation and adjustments
  • Comes in inter-connectable 2 meter length (left and right sides)
  • Light and easy to adjust & handle
  • Superior, longer lasting and reliable cleaning
  • Less cleaning costs
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Less breakdown costs
  • Less belt skirting costs
  • Less risk to injuries

Best true-life cost system!